Mathura The Homeland of Lord Krishna

Mathura is known as the birth place of the revered God of Hindus, Lord Krishna. The city is located on the bank of river yamuna in state of uttar Pradesh.

This is a pilgrimage place of Hindus and has been the witness of Rich history of the Indian culture. It is mostly famous for Shri krishna janambhoomi temple.

I had also visited mathura many times with my family members, after reaching there orbit of 21 km of govardhan hill. But then also everybody feel energetic.

So this is all about Mathura.

Places to see in mathura

1. Shri Krishna janambhoomi

2. Prem Mandir ‘ temple’

3. Govatdhan Hill

4. Government Museum

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha is a beautiful town which is located in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh India. This famous town was founded in the 16th century by reknowned by Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap.

The town is bordered by Holy Betwa River and it reflects the sumptuousness and the grandness of the powerful Bundelas.

Places to see in Orchha

1. Raja Ram Temple

2. Chhatris

3. Chaturbhuj temple

4. Raja Mahal

5. Betwa River

Tansen tomb, Gwalior

I feel proud that I am born in gwalior. Because one of the greatest musicians of India Tansen was born in gwalior, and en eniment vocalist in the court of Akbar in the medieval period, Tansen was also among one of the nine gems of the Mughal court.

Tansen was believe to create magic with his music and cause rains and even enchant animal by music. He was a student of Mohammed Ghaus who taught him Hindustani classical music.

Annual Tansen music festival is held here every year in the month of November, where prominent musicians from all over country come and perform various classical shows.

So this is all Tansen given a lots of blessed to gwalior. Which is located in Madhya Pradesh, India๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ.

Mussoorie, I Will Never Forget.

I visited mussoorie from dehradun by bus, with my college friends. After reached mussoorie first we all visited restraunt and have some fast food. After that we all became energetic and ready to roam in mussoorie. And then

Nobody knows routing about mussoorie, thats why we all decided for Lal Tibba and then move for that.

One of my friends took bear from the bear shop, never before he drunk bear , after that he got intoxicated. Then he started doing drama, then we handled for one hour. He told all his secretary things to us, then we all were laughing at him. After becoming senses.

In the evening we had to reach deharadun, as soon as we reached the bus all seats are booked and bus was ready to move and then we requested to bus condutor please take us also and we will stand still to deharadun, after he agreed to take us with bus.

So this is all journey of mussoorie.

After visiting Lal Tibba we hired a car to visit all major attractions of mussoorie.

Places to see near by mussoorie

1.tibetan Buddhist temple

2. Kempty Fall

3. Mussoorie lake

Haridwar Holy Bath and Travel

I went to haridwar with my college friends. After reached haridwar, began to search hotel because we were tired, that’s why we wanted to find as soon as possible for test.

But almost hotels ๐Ÿจ were booked and then we searched for dharamshalas, where we get one room and we were five, we adjust because something is better than nothing.

Then we goes for Holy Bath at ghat ‘wharf’ Har ki pauri. And feel peace in mind after dive in ganga. After that we joined the ganga arti ‘pray’ , at the wharf Har ki pauri , praying to ganga is amazing sight. After than we all moved to Rishikesh. That was a great experience for me.

Places to see near by haridwar

1. Mansa Devi temple

2. Daksh mahadev temple

3. Chilla national park

4. Bara Bazar

5. Bikeshwar mahadev temple

6. Patanjali yog peeth

Passion on Kufri, Shimla

I was in Shimla with my friends, in the month of April and there was no snow at that time but feeling little cold.

We decided to visit all the major destination in Shimla by car. We all first visited kufri, Then we met one agent who provides horses ๐Ÿ‡/ mules.

Mahasu peak is the highest peak in kufri accessible only by horse/ mule. The muddy trekk was very tuff.

Then agent said to us that path is very tough you can’t reach by foot, there is so much mudd and you all will face many problems while climbing to mahasu peak, and the charges for using horse 500 INR rupees per head.

But passion of we all people was High, we decided to climb peak by foot, and we reached to the peak within a minute, before people those who were coming by horse and mule. And also we save money.

Then we all realised that nothing is impssible.

Places where I visited.

1. The Scandal point, Ridgy

2. Green valley

3. Jakhu temple

4. Kufri

5. Mall road

Gwalior Fort , Madhya pradesh

The name of this place ‘Gwalior’ is said to have derived from a saint name called ‘Galava’ . There is tail that one a king named Suraj sen affected to a malady known as leprosy had been cured by saint ‘ galava ‘ who used to water of Suraj kund ‘ Suraj tank’ located near by fort.

The Fort was built by raja man Singh tomar in the 15th century. The Fort of gwalior has been many ups and downs of history. In the course of almost five hundred years, the gwalior fort went from one ruler to another.

The gwalior fort is the third biggest fort of India.

Places to see near by fort

1. The scluptures of jain tirthankaras.

2. Teli ka mandir

3. Sas Bahu ka mandir “temple”.

4. Gurudwara Data Bandi chhor.

5. Gujari Mahal.