Haridwar Holy Bath and Travel

I went to haridwar with my college friends. After reached haridwar, began to search hotel because we were tired, that’s why we wanted to find as soon as possible for test.

But almost hotels 🏨 were booked and then we searched for dharamshalas, where we get one room and we were five, we adjust because something is better than nothing.

Then we goes for Holy Bath at ghat ‘wharf’ Har ki pauri. And feel peace in mind after dive in ganga. After that we joined the ganga arti ‘pray’ , at the wharf Har ki pauri , praying to ganga is amazing sight. After than we all moved to Rishikesh. That was a great experience for me.

Places to see near by haridwar

1. Mansa Devi temple

2. Daksh mahadev temple

3. Chilla national park

4. Bara Bazar

5. Bikeshwar mahadev temple

6. Patanjali yog peeth

Passion on Kufri, Shimla

I was in Shimla with my friends, in the month of April and there was no snow at that time but feeling little cold.

We decided to visit all the major destination in Shimla by car. We all first visited kufri, Then we met one agent who provides horses 🏇/ mules.

Mahasu peak is the highest peak in kufri accessible only by horse/ mule. The muddy trekk was very tuff.

Then agent said to us that path is very tough you can’t reach by foot, there is so much mudd and you all will face many problems while climbing to mahasu peak, and the charges for using horse 500 INR rupees per head.

But passion of we all people was High, we decided to climb peak by foot, and we reached to the peak within a minute, before people those who were coming by horse and mule. And also we save money.

Then we all realised that nothing is impssible.

Places where I visited.

1. The Scandal point, Ridgy

2. Green valley

3. Jakhu temple

4. Kufri

5. Mall road

Gwalior Fort , Madhya pradesh

The name of this place ‘Gwalior’ is said to have derived from a saint name called ‘Galava’ . There is tail that one a king named Suraj sen affected to a malady known as leprosy had been cured by saint ‘ galava ‘ who used to water of Suraj kund ‘ Suraj tank’ located near by fort.

The Fort was built by raja man Singh tomar in the 15th century. The Fort of gwalior has been many ups and downs of history. In the course of almost five hundred years, the gwalior fort went from one ruler to another.

The gwalior fort is the third biggest fort of India.

Places to see near by fort

1. The scluptures of jain tirthankaras.

2. Teli ka mandir

3. Sas Bahu ka mandir “temple”.

4. Gurudwara Data Bandi chhor.

5. Gujari Mahal.

Bhimbetka , Madhya Pradesh

The name ‘Bhimbetka’ is derived from the historic tale of Mahabharata. The sitting place of Bhim, and then this place got its name Bhim.

These caves are an individual chronicle of history. Made in different periods of history, some paintings are around 30,000 years old . These paintings shows lifestyle, festivals, hunting and agriculture. In this 12 caves are open for public viewing and some others are not declared.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, it has more than 500 caves and rock shelters.

The use of natural colors has ensured that the paintings have endured better over time.

Best time to visit bhimbetka , Winter season is the best season for a bhimbetka. The months when bhimbetka is the most ideal for a trip is the months of October to march. Mansoon season is also a nice time to visit while summer time is very hot.

Hidden monument , Mitawali and Padawali

Country : India

State : Madhya Pradesh

District : Morena

Location : Mitawali and Padawali

Neither, I am going to write long history about this place but I will share my personal experience how I reached to the destination, and what enjoyment we had done.

I am a student of tourism and I am doing my tourism course from prestige institute of Management gwalior. One day teacher asked to all student that i am giving you project work which was travel destination, and said that all the students visit destination Mitawali Padawali, then make a report file. What are the problems and drawbacks, why people are not intrested to go and visit.

Then all the friends made the plan that all of us will go by bike two person on each, next day morning we all gathered in a college with ours bike.

Then we all move out from the college and my bike was at the forefront. because I know good roads map how to reach easily to Mitawali and Padawali. And also the road was quite dangerous or all the friends brought their own lunch, looking at the good place we had lunched. After lunch we leaved that place and the road was quite deserted, one of my friends was scaring then all laughed at him. Then Finally we all reached to the destination.

A wonderful artwork of Padawali attract all of us and I was stunned. Then we all taken some pictures and one group photo. After that we all moved to Mitawali.

Mitawali is situated at rocks and the structure of the Indian 🇮🇳 parliament building has been taken by the Mitawali makes us happy and proud.

So this is the journey of Mitawali and Padawali.

Rishikesh a Yoga City

I was traveling for rishikesh From haridwar with my friends.we were traveling by auto , because there was no bus available at that time. So the choice is only travel by auto. After that a lot of jammed on a highway and then we get lated to rishikesh.

As few hours later, as soon as we reached rishikesh, we started 🌟 waiting for taxi 🚖 because we all were excited to see ganga river ghat .

After waiting a while taxi 🚖 not found, so we decided to go by foot. We were all tired before reaching ganga ghat, and after arrived wharf. I got a different energy or a power. We rested there around two hours.

All mind and body gets free and relax, this is the power of river ganga and ritual city Rishikesh. And then we went for a hotel 🏨 and rested for a night.

Then Early morning we all reached at ghat for Yoga. there were many foreigners who were doing yoga. And I shocked to see Large number of foreigners following Indians 🇮🇳. That was a great experience for me.

Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳


High feel, Darwa Top

Drwa top, there is something different in the name , on reaching it ,it seems like skyrocketed. Talking to the sky at a height of 14500 feets. And eye-eyeing to the Gangotri glaciers 🗻 standing in front. it seems that war has won but after that I bowed to mother gangotri and wished stand by like this and serve the country 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 . This all credits goes to my teacher Aditya Sir and my closest friends Harsh namdev, gitansh dixit and shyam yadav.

Proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳

Amazing uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is always favourite for me because nature and environment always attract me towards uttarakhand, I went to uttarakhand a few days ago , as soon as I reached uttarakhand, my expression changed towards the nature of plants, animals, and rivers . They were attracting to me towards them. I just want to say this.

Uttarakhand is good.


It was a time ,when I was doing basic adventure trekking course with my college friends , course was done by a Nanda Devi Institute. So that Time we are at manjhi forest camp site , I was just chilling with my friends in tent ⛺ harsh namdev and gitansh dixit ,we were all in tent , after then our instructor share about manjhi area that this place very well known by Brown bear 🐻. This all thing shared to our Aditya Sir. They told with loud voice, don’t make noise brown bear 🐻 Will come. After that we all become silence and sleep . . so this was a great experience of manjhi uttarkashi.