Konark, Sun Temple , India

Konark ⛅ Sun Temple is a UNESCO world heritage site. Built in the 13th century CE the temple was built by the King Narasimhadeva.

The temple is known for its impressive kalinga architecture that includes a depiction of 100 feet high chariot being pulled by horses and wheels curved out of a single stone.

The monument portrays the imposing chariot of the sun god.

Jain Temples at Sonagiri, Datia Madhya Pradesh.

Sonagiri temple is one of the primary pilgrimage place of the jain followers. The word “Sonagiri” means “The golden peak’. This pilgrimage site is considered as scared to Digambar jains.

77 Jain temples are located in the hilly area while twenty-six are located in the village. The temple can be seen from a distance because of it’s tall spire .

Sun Temple, Gwalior

The surya mandir or sun Temple is an architectural wonder that adorns the city of gwalior.

The temple is dedicated to the holy sun god and was constructed in the year 1998 by the famous industrialist G.D. Birla. Built on the lines of legendary sun Temple at Konark , Orrisa.