unforgettable Kedarnath

Really this is unforgettable, when I was doing internship as scout in tourism company of haridwar ( uttarakhand ) India. With 70 group of South African tourists . At that time we were at Kedarnath temple and my boss said to me and to my friend that your helicopter ticket is not confirmed. From Early morning at 6:00 am helicopter strated fly, it take 15 minutes to reach phata helipad. So me and my friend had to reach sonprayag from temple, which was a very bid task to us and which is 20 km from Kedarnath temple. Then we wake up at 3:00 am in the morning and started trekk, but at that time we were so scare because no one was walking at that time me and my friend along with dog . We were alone , alone , alone . But we showed courage to finish trekk and reach as fast as. And we finally finished untill 7:00 am. And joined group again. And moved to badrinath temple.

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