Haridwar Holy Bath and Travel

I went to haridwar with my college friends. After reached haridwar, began to search hotel because we were tired, that’s why we wanted to find as soon as possible for test.

But almost hotels 🏨 were booked and then we searched for dharamshalas, where we get one room and we were five, we adjust because something is better than nothing.

Then we goes for Holy Bath at ghat ‘wharf’ Har ki pauri. And feel peace in mind after dive in ganga. After that we joined the ganga arti ‘pray’ , at the wharf Har ki pauri , praying to ganga is amazing sight. After than we all moved to Rishikesh. That was a great experience for me.

Places to see near by haridwar

1. Mansa Devi temple

2. Daksh mahadev temple

3. Chilla national park

4. Bara Bazar

5. Bikeshwar mahadev temple

6. Patanjali yog peeth

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