Passion on Kufri, Shimla

I was in Shimla with my friends, in the month of April and there was no snow at that time but feeling little cold.

We decided to visit all the major destination in Shimla by car. We all first visited kufri, Then we met one agent who provides horses πŸ‡/ mules.

Mahasu peak is the highest peak in kufri accessible only by horse/ mule. The muddy trekk was very tuff.

Then agent said to us that path is very tough you can’t reach by foot, there is so much mudd and you all will face many problems while climbing to mahasu peak, and the charges for using horse 500 INR rupees per head.

But passion of we all people was High, we decided to climb peak by foot, and we reached to the peak within a minute, before people those who were coming by horse and mule. And also we save money.

Then we all realised that nothing is impssible.

Places where I visited.

1. The Scandal point, Ridgy

2. Green valley

3. Jakhu temple

4. Kufri

5. Mall road

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