Gwalior Fort , Madhya pradesh

The name of this place ‘Gwalior’ is said to have derived from a saint name called ‘Galava’ . There is tail that one a king named Suraj sen affected to a malady known as leprosy had been cured by saint ‘ galava ‘ who used to water of Suraj kund ‘ Suraj tank’ located near by fort.

The Fort was built by raja man Singh tomar in the 15th century. The Fort of gwalior has been many ups and downs of history. In the course of almost five hundred years, the gwalior fort went from one ruler to another.

The gwalior fort is the third biggest fort of India.

Places to see near by fort

1. The scluptures of jain tirthankaras.

2. Teli ka mandir

3. Sas Bahu ka mandir “temple”.

4. Gurudwara Data Bandi chhor.

5. Gujari Mahal.

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